Our Customer Service makes the difference.

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Time is all-important these days. Thus, our Rugit design team gives priority to functionality and is always searching for the best solutions for our customers. These same priorities not only apply for our products, but also to our working method: we adapt to our clients’ needs, we resolve, and we provide solutions.
We believe each sale is a process that begins before it is made, a process which does not end with the delivery of the product but goes way beyond it along an always customized-process. For this reason, our working philosophy begins with the solid commitment of providing our clients their best purchasing experience.

Our Story

We design custom-made rugs, and, in case of large scale orders, we create special designs together with the customers or their designers.
Our team creates each rug within the frame of a fluid and flexible organization. Rugit designs are created jointly with our clients, focusing on their taste and needs.
Due to our team members’ working experience and professional training, we enhance creativity, resolution, and a detail-oriented outlook to our everyday tasks.
Our continuous search has led us to create an innovative and aesthetic product.
Those very same qualities are the ones we apply to keep improving the purchasing process, putting ourselves in the shoes of those who come to us.
We are proud of having been recognized with the 2018 Good Design Hallmark, and we are carrying out different actions to be granted a Certified B Corporation –an international certification which is awarded to sustainability-focused companies–. And it is from that permanent search for excellence, and our complete trust in the products we have to offer, that we are working to project RUGit into the world.
The perfect rug, combining functionality, charm and design. 100% polypropylene.
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